Cryptocurrency Trading Tips To Live By

cryptocurrency trading tips

Here are my top 10 Cryptocurrency trading tips EVERYONE must live by, no matter what your experience level.

  1. NEVER trade what you can not afford to lose! Basic but so difficult to live by when you’re gaining.
  2. Do not over trade. Stay calm & follow your plan, don’t fall into a trading frenzy and lose your shirt.
  3. Trading cryptocurrency takes knowledge, prepare to learn more than you make for a while.
  4. Investing is NOT trading.
  5. Don’t buy when you are scared. FOMO is powerful but please don’t fall for it. (FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out)
  6. Find a mentor & follow them until you feel confident. SERIOUSLY do this. When you take our Crytpo Quiz we GIVE you a free Crypto Basics course by our #1 trading mentor!
  7. If you don’t like to sit in front of your computer daily, for hours on end, trading is most likely not for you. Sure there are bots and software, stops, etc and ways to help automate trading but ultimately, expect a lot of screen time.
  8. Always use 2FA (2 factor authentication) on EVERY account. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS.
  9. Never leave all of your holdings on an exchange…NEVER. They get hacked a lot & most of them are going through some major growing pains right now.
  10. The cryptocurrency market is uber volatile right now and experience major growing pains so prepare for a roller coaster ride. Strap in, hold on tight & enjoy the journey…or don’t get on.

There is no need to go into deeper detail. Read these cryptocurrency tips, take them for what they are; truth and know that if you get on this crypto trading roller coaster you will hear these statements over and over.  (IF you are wise enough to listen to those who’ve successfully traded in this market for years, that is.)

Which brings me to the most important decision I’ve made thus far in trading cryptocurrency…

Cryptocurrency Trading Tips – Do Or Die

11. Do your research FIRST before you do anything else.

There are a ton of fakes & wanna bees & I’m not just talking about blockchain companies, ICO’s, cryptos. I’m talking about Crypto schysters (that’s what I call them) trolling & posting all over about how they trade, what to do, what to buy, what to sell, who will gladly take your money and keep pretending.

DON’T fall for the hype out of ignorance! Do you own research.

cryptocurrency trade tip

Follow any currency you “think” may be a good trade or investment. Follow their websites, read their white papers, join their reddit or slack, twitter, see what their community is saying, how big it is, what kind of support they have and most of all, find a trader who truly knows their stuff and can not only teach and mentor you but most of all help you stay profitable!

No guarantees for any of us of course but following and learning from someone who has successfully traded cryptocurrency for a living for the past 3 years has been a god send. If you want to learn how to trade successfully it’s certainly a must.

In full disclosure I’ve only been “trading” cryptocurrency for 3 months & they’ve been exhilarating months considering what the market has done. Before that I was investing in Bitcoin. Some call it gambling but those who understand the blockchain know better. Having a group of pro traders to learn from and model has saved my bacon during these past few bloodbath days.

Why Are We Talking About Trading Cryptocurrency? Because...

NOW is NOT a good time to “invest” in cryptocurrency.


Investing is considered long holds. You buy (hopefully low) and hold for over 4 weeks, sometimes years & trading is considered something you buy and sell in under 4 weeks. You can day trade, short, scalp, swing trade etc.

These 10+ Cryptocurrency trading tips will help you stay profitable but if you are serious and want to be a successful trader you are going to need training. There are tons of videos on youtube and trainings you can choose from but after 2 months of following one trader, watching all of his videos & seeing how profitable his trades were, I took his paid course and ONLY recommend him.

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